Idiom of Oz

How to Speak Australian!

About the Author

Author Jake Jacobs, an originally born and raised "yank" from Baltimore, Maryland (right-coast US)  lived in Woomera, South Australia (approximately 5 to 6 hours north of Adelaide) for 5 years while serving the US Dept of Defense.

While there, he traveled the great land of Oz, met many wonderful people, started collecting Aussie slang and continued to do so over the following 20+ years.

While presently living in the US, he has maintained long-distance Oz relationships and has frequently returned downunder to visit his "mates."

Jake currently lives in Parker, Colorado.  When not offending the general population (including the local writings clubs) with his Aussie English, he enjoys spending time with his family (living life large and to the fullest), and a periodic "stubby" (a bottle of ale or beer) while creatively updating future book releases and this website.

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