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"Idiom of Oz".....What it's about?

Idiom:  noun.
A manner of speaking that is natural to native speakers of a language.

Oz: noun.
Slang for Australia. Otherwise known as the land
downunder, or God's country. The largest dual island-continent in the world. Similar to life quality and styles of America (with a European/Asian twist), a great place to visit, work, or live.

Been confused trying to find the magic translator key to understand Australian (Aussie) English?  To the average ear, Aussie English sounds like everyday English, but listen real close and one can easily detect OZ verbiage that is indeed foreign to the human ear. 

For example, do YOU know the difference between a "billy" and a "blind Freddy?"  How about the difference between a "drongo" or a "dummy?"  Would you rather be from "this side" or the "other side" of the "Black Stump?"  Now YOU can find out! 

Author Jake Jacobs (previous Australian resident and enthusiast) brings us "Idiom of Oz (How to Speak Australian)" for your personal reading pleasure.  From hobby and project, a NEW fun book exploring the humour and unique slang, names, terms, and uses of Australian English.  Includes definitions, comparisons (to other English words), native/OZ food references, travel suggestions, driving tips, picture/photo examples, and much more.  A must reference and travel guide and great purchase for folks going on tour or holiday, students, or those passionate about Australia.

A joint Australian/US family & friends project (25+ years in the making), is finally published and immediately available either via the publisher link below,, through me ($19.95, plus tax), or Barnes & Noble (Kindle format).  We're not out to make a huge fortune.  However, it's our new goal to make enough profit to continue to work on this Australian and US project for future updates.  Will you help us?  To order or request copies, please use the link below, or go to our Contact Us page and send a note describing your order/request, need, or related questions.

"Ta" and "Good on ya!"

Leave your stress behind.  Before your next trip downunder to the great land of Australia, immerse yourself in page-after-page of humour and knowledge centric to the unique and fine art of Aussie English. 

 Idiom of Oz
c/o Jake Jacobs
P.O. Box 3662
Parker, Colorado  80134


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Idiom of Oz Funny Authentic Australian Language & Top Secret Travel Survival Guide by Jake Jacobs is one of the best Austrailian Lingo available today.

Cover of "Idiom of Oz" book above and picture of Author Jake Jacobs holding a live Koala (opposite page).  You can too!  Ask me how!

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